On Tuesday, chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao reminisced about the massive flight of people from the palamuru region that had occurred as a result of years of drought and hardship. Chandrashekhar Rao addressed a crowd in Nagarkurnool, where he attended many events, and stated that not so long ago, poets and authors wept as they sang heartbreaking tales of streams like Dundubhi in the palamuru district drying up and causing an evacuation of people. Families have abandoned their homes and moved to distant cities in quest of a living.

The region's route to prosperity has been severely impeded by the neglect it endured during the previous andhra pradesh government. Long stretches of land, from Suryapet to Kalwakurty, had been desert-like and desolate. The long-lasting threat of drought was a persistent cause of suffering.

When we were travelling through the villages of palamuru together, there were times when professor Jayashankar confided in me about his worries. Instead of the centre that used to feed hundreds of individuals who had been reduced to poverty due to the circumstances at the time, we now have paddy procurement centres. The same palamuru plains are covered with beautiful, green crops, he claimed.

Famous poets like Goreti Venkanna, who expressed worry for palamuru by singing "Vagu Yendipoyera" (The stream has dried up), are now chanting "Vagu Nindipoyera" (The stream is full once more). With all the projects under development being operational, the former mahabubnagar district's over 20 lakh acres would receive irrigation.

The region has high hopes that the Palamuru-Ranga reddy Lift Irrigation Scheme would be finished shortly. The extension of irrigation to highland areas was made possible by three ongoing projects: Kalwakurthy, Nettempadu, and Bhima. He asserted that the water issue in the Achampet region would be solved by the Umamaheswari Lift irrigation program.

The revenue administration's restructuring has begun to bear fruit. The State now has 612 revenue mandals instead of the previous 459. According to him, the number of MRO offices increased from 64 to 74 in the former mahabubnagar district, and telangana currently leads the nation in terms of per capita income, per capita electricity consumption, and IT sector development.

It has also left its imprint in other significant development-related fields. The rapid evolution of the State cannot be credited to one person in particular. All of us are working together on it. According to him, the telangana Model and BRS, a land administration system similar to Dharani, were anticipated by residents of all other States.

Prior to it, he opened the district police office building, the BRS party office and the Integrated district Offices Complex for Nagarkurnool. There was also director General of police Anjani Kumar, Chief Secretary A Santhi Kumari, Agriculture minister S Niranjan reddy, Excise minister V srinivas Goud, and home minister Mohd Mahmood Ali.

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