congress is also trying to return to power in madhya pradesh, the heart of the country. Kamal Nath’s Congress

is very popular in Madhya Pradesh. Recently, the congress high command had announced the gathering of

India Alliance leaders in Bhopal, but announced its cancellation to Kamal Nath.

Party sources say that the way kamal nath announced this, congress came on the back foot. Because, the

rally was announced by the congress high command in collaboration with the allies of India. The

announcement of cancellation also had to be made by the high command. Not only this, madhya pradesh is

the first state where the state committee is naming kamal nath as the chief ministerial face without any

announcement from the congress high command. Even on the social media accounts of congress, Kamal

Nath is openly described as the future Chief Minister.

The congress high command is silent on this also. Recently Digvijay Singh had told his supporters to go to

kamal nath only for tickets. No one can give ticket except Kamal Nath. A few days before Diggi's statement,

kamal nath had also given a big statement regarding the claimants. kamal nath had said that I have indicated

to the person who wants to get the ticket. There is also a process of ticket distribution in Congress. After

receiving the reports from the district and Block Committee, the Screening Committee prepares its report.

The report of the screening committee is placed before the congress Election Committee. After this the name

is finalized. However, this time in madhya pradesh, kamal nath has taken all the responsibility with himself.

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