Reportedly BSP chief mayawati has welcomed the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill first in the lok sabha and

then in the Rajya Sabha. Bahujan Samaj party President mayawati, while posting from her former social

media account, supported the Women’s Reservation Bill. On the other hand, she seemed to be raising

objections about it.

BSP chief mayawati posted from her official After a long wait of almost 27 years till now, how justified is it

to wait even longer with uncertainty?

Adopted a tough stance on the bill

Along with this, mayawati also presented her strong stand on the Women’s Reservation Bill. She called it an

injustice to women from the majority OBC community by not including them in the Women’s Reservation

Bill. He wrote in his next social media post, By the way, not including women from the OBC community, the

majority of the country’s population, in reservation is depriving that large section of the Bahujan community

of justice. Similarly, not giving separate reservation to women of sc and st community is equally unfair and

denial of the recognition of social justice.

Demand to include OBC community in reservation

In her last post, mayawati was seen pointing towards continuing efforts to include women from the OBC

community in the Women’s Reservation Bill. While posting, she wrote, But where there is a will, there is a

way and that is why the government should include this woman from the OBC community. Include it in the

reservation bill, give separate reservation to sc and st category women and take all necessary measures to

implement this bill with immediate effect. Ignoring women from religious minority communities is also


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