Congress's current difficulties..? cm met with senior leaders..?

BRS made widespread allegations of current cuts on congress in telangana elections. With this, the ruling congress party paid special attention to the current. Did kcr conspire to cut the current when the authorities said that there is a debt of 85 thousand crores? congress sources are expressing concern. cm Revanth made serious accusations that they are conspiring for the current crisis by hiding these things. The 24-hour current issue in the telangana elections has caused severe criticism and accusations between congress and BRS. Even though congress said that they would also provide 24-hour free electricity, the BRS attacked. Several BRS leaders, including kcr, have campaigned that if the congress wins, only three hours of electricity will be available for cultivation. They also campaigned that karnataka has only five hours of current. However, the congress government that came to power clarified this in the first cabinet meeting. After the meeting, minister Sridhar Babu clarified that 24-hour electricity will be provided.
In a long cabinet meeting, cm revanth reddy lashed out at the Principal Secretary of the Power Department. He was angry that the details of power generation and purchases from other states were hidden. In this regard, Officials said that there is a debt of 85 thousand crores. It has been alleged that these details were hidden and that there was a conspiracy to cause a power crisis in the state. Also, when cm revanth reddy asked for more details, the secretary explained that he had not brought all the documents with him. With this, revanth reddy decided to hold a special review with the higher officials of the Power Department this morning.It is understood that cm revanth reddy is serious about the power department. Ever since congress came to power, some rumors have been doing the rounds. The campaign is saying that current cuts will come again and pensions and farmers' kinship payments will be delayed. revanth reddy remembers kcr even if the power goes out for a few minutes due to rain.Any difference in administration especially in services and schemes is likely to be blamed on congress immediately. That is why cm revanth reddy is acting very cautiously. It is reported that he was shocked by the huge amount of debt in the power department. He will immediately meet with the top officials of the power department this morning. There was no problem for as many days as the congress provided 24-hour uninterrupted supply. But if the electricity service is not provided due to any reason, there are many chances that the blame will fall on Congress. That is why they say that the current difficulties are inevitable for the Congress. It is said that congress must not keep an eye on the current for as long as it is in power. He said that a white paper will be released.

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