Not samsung or Qualcomm but this is the world's most profitable chip-making company


Qualcomm has recently launched its latest chip, Snapdragon 8th Gen 3 SOC. Next year, we will start seeing this chip in almost all premium smartphones. Most profitable semiconductor firm: By defeating samsung, Intel, and taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), graphics chip giant Nvidia has become the most profitable semiconductor firm in the third quarter (Q3) of this year. The firm has been formed. According to the ET report, Taipei-based financial analyst Dan Nystedt compiled financial results from Intel, Nvidia, samsung Semiconductor, and TSMC for all quarters since the first quarter of 2021 and the data revealed that Nvidia is the world's most profitable company. Chip has left all others behind to become a company. That means Nvidia has become the world's most profitable chip-manufacturing company.

The company earned so much money in the third quarter

According to the report, Nvidia took the chip industry revenue crown in the third quarter and overtook TSMC, Intel, and samsung, as the generic AI trend continues to strengthen and the company continues to achieve good work and growth in this direction. According to sam Mobile's report, Nvidia may win second place in full-year chip revenue in 2023. This means that the company can become the second most profitable chip manufacturing company of the entire year. Nvidia's revenue in the third quarter this year was $18.12 billion, with a profit of $10.42 billion, an increase of 206 percent (year-on-year). Let us tell you, that most of the profits of the company have come through AI chips for data centers.

Condition of TSMC and Intel

Compared to Nvidia, TSMC, the world's largest contract chip maker, earned revenue of $17.28 billion and a profit of $7.21 billion. At the same time, Intel's revenue in the third quarter of 2023 was $ 14.16 billion, but it suffered a loss of $ 8 million. Furthermore, samsung Semiconductor, Samsung's chip designing and manufacturing arm, had revenue of $12.52 billion but the company also suffered a loss of $2.86 billion.

Can get contracts from AMD and Qualcomm to make chips

According to the report, samsung Semiconductor is facing tough times due to the prices of memory chips. However, given that the demand for chips will increase in the coming quarters, samsung has invested extensively in improving its chip manufacturing technology. The report also says that samsung is likely to get the contract to make chips from the world's two largest chip manufacturers AMD and Qualcomm.

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