The pre-wedding and wedding festivities are increasingly being held in lavish fashion and with outrageous themes. However, the wedding night was always kept "under wraps," until one couple began to reveal some of what transpired that night.

Digital artists Arushi and rahul have a large following, and they just wed in a lavish ceremony. They frequently write to their fans and upload engaging videos about their wedding and shared objectives. They gave viewers a taste of their wedding night as Reality vs. Expectation in their most recent video. How we spent our wedding night is the caption.

Well, when the husband kisses the wife, she begins to remove her bridal cosmetics and heavy jewelry. Many people commented on the video's virality and called the couple's plan to attract attention "weird." The reason for this is that for Bengalis, the night of the bridegroom is a full bed following the day of marriage. The situation is different in non-Bengali marriages, though. 

On the night of their wedding, they have their "Suhag Raat." However, does anyone have access to the wedding night video? Recently, a newlywed couple did precisely that on Instagram. Posting a video of Suhag night. After witnessing this, internet users went to sleep. Someone else said that although it was properly recorded, it was disseminated by error. Another person said, "If you make a mistake, you'd delete the video!" in fact!

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