Saitej, the young hero, has experienced a recent turnaround in his career, transitioning from a challenging phase to a positive trajectory. Following a series of setbacks and unforeseen incidents, the actor regained his momentum with the blockbuster success of 'Virupaksha.' Currently, he is immersed in the filming of 'Ganja Shankar,' directed by sampath Nandi, and is also lining up new projects.

The Mega house is reportedly filled with joy over Saitej's recent successes. In a symbolic expression of gratitude and devotion, Saitej visited the sacred tirumala tirupati temple to seek the blessings of Sri Venkateswara Swamy, the kali Yuga Deity. During his visit, Saitej actively participated in the deity's service, offering saplings during the morning rituals. The temple performers bestowed Vedic blessings upon him in the mahal, and he was honoured with a silk cloth by the temple authorities.

Currently, Saitej is eagerly awaiting the commencement of the 'Ganja Shankar' shoot, where he is set to portray a powerful role. The film, helmed by sampath Nandi, is expected to be another mass entertainer, fitting the director's reputation for delivering impactful films in that genre. The collaboration between Saitej and sampath nandi adds an interesting dimension to the actor's career, showcasing his versatility under the guidance of a director renowned for his success in the mass entertainment genre. 

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