It seems that Vaishnav Tej, which surged like a wave with `uppena', has cooled down all at once. Although the first film was a blockbuster, it seems that all the other films are going on the path of flop. As the second film, he made ``Kondapolam'' under the direction of Krish. This is a different attempt. A concept based film. Due to this, the film did not do well commercially at the box office. 

Then he made another movie called 'Rangranga Vaibhavanga'. It was released amid huge expectations and disappointed the fans. This movie can be divided talk anyway! Recently, he appeared in front of the audience with ``Adikesava''. What is the status of this movie? It seems that the same results as the previous two films have been achieved. 

It seems that Vaishnav has registered hat-trick plops in his account. The failure of three films in a row leaves the fans disappointed. Except he is busy choosing new projects! To what extent did he analyse flop. In this regard, Tej analyses the mistakes that have been made. He says that he will be careful not to make those mistakes again. After a few flop movies, Tej started to analyse this. 

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