There is no need to tell anything special about Kriti Shetty to the telugu moviegoers. This cute grandmother who made her debut in the telugu film industry with the movie Uppena turned into a star heroine in her first movie. She became a top heroine in one night and got chances in a series of films. 

Shyam Singarai Bangarraju told about that girl who impressed the constituency of The Warrior Matchers by acting in custody films.She is always in touch with her fans not only through movies but also through social media. But recently this cute beauty has shared some photos on her instagram platform. Kriti looks very beautiful in it. This beauty is shining more beautifully in a black dress.

Within a few hours of sharing Kriti's photos, more than ten lakh likes were received. Wearing a black dress with black shoes, Kriti gave darshan in Kirak look. netizens who saw it are commenting on a large scale. They say that they can't stand your beauty .In black and black with white skin shining in the dark. She is looking very hot wearing light makeup with light lipstick. 

Boys are going crazy after seeing these hot photos. They are commenting that cuteness and hotness are overloaded. Recently, this cutie has impressed the constituency of macherla by acting in The Warrior films. She took a remuneration of 6 lakhs rupees for her first film. Just seeing this, it is understood in what range her career is going.

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