How beetroot Peels Help Your Skin?P-2

This red vegetable's peels are full of iron and vitamins that can do everything from making the face glow to giving lips a pink tint. beetroot is consumed fresh, in salads, and in juice. Almost everyone is aware of its advantages. Its peels rival any cosmetic cream in quality. Let's discuss their advantages.

Beet Peel Toner

You can make toner from beetroot peel. Keep its peels soaked in water at night. Fill a container with the filtered water. Now apply this mixture on the skin like a toner. It will increase the glow on the face.

Make a face mask of beetroot peel

Vitamin C present in beetroot makes the skin glow. Keep its peel soaked in water. After this, add lemon juice to it in the morning. Massage the face with the water of this mixture. After allowing it to dry for 30 minutes, wash your skin with water. Dead skin cells will disappear as a result, and the face will shine as well.

Peels are beneficial for dandruff

Beetroot's anti-inflammatory qualities get rid of dandruff. beetroot peel liquid should be combined with vinegar and neem water for this. Apply this concoction to your hair, then let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes. Then, wash your tresses. It will solve the flaking issue.

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