World Oceans Day:No Water, No LIFE - Protect our Ocean!!!

Every year on june 8, people around the world observe World Oceans Day to raise awareness of the value of oceans and the need to protect and conserve their resources. World Oceans Day serves as an essential reminder of the importance of oceans in our lives, from regulating and sustaining biodiversity to providing sustenance. Humans have long taken advantage of the oceans. Some of the well-known examples of exploitation include pollution, the destruction of aquatic habitats, overfishing, and ocean acidification.

The goal of World Oceans Day is to stop the irresponsible exploitation of the oceans and create long-term solutions for their preservation. Protecting priceless natural resources like oceans may be done in a number of ways, including by eliminating the use of plastics, creating strong environmental legislation, and putting rules and regulations in place to support sustainable seafood choices.

Theme - Every year, a different topic is used to commemorate World Oceans Day. World Oceans Day 2023's theme this year is "Planet Ocean: The Tides are Changing."

Importance - Every year, the day known as World Oceans Day encourages people to take concrete steps to protect marine ecosystems, adopt sustainable fishing methods, lessen ocean pollution, and address other significant issues relating to the ocean.Governmental and non-governmental organisations hold activities, seminars, educational workshops, and events every year to raise awareness of the negative effects of ocean exploitation.

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