Viral Video of rahul tying his mother's shoelace..!?

The video of rahul gandhi tying a shoelace to the shoe of sonia gandhi who participated in the Bharat Jodo yatra is going viral on social media. Former All india congress President rahul gandhi is walking from Kanyakumari to kashmir in the name of Bharat Jodo yatra to strengthen the congress party and create an upheaval among the congress workers. rahul gandhi started his walk from Kanyakumari gandhi Mandapam on the 7th and reached kashmir after walking a total of 48 days and 3,700 km through 12 states and 2 union territories. In this situation, rahul gandhi, who has completed his walking tour in tamil Nadu and Kerala, is going on a walking tour in Karnataka.
Congress Committee-in-charge sonia gandhi had gone abroad for medical treatment when rahul gandhi started the walk. In this situation, she returned to the country and planned to participate in rahul Gandhi's walking tour. She reached karnataka last monday for this purpose. Meanwhile, rahul gandhi, who has completed his walking tour in Mysore, went to madikeri to meet his mother sonia Gandhi. Stayed with her for two days in Coorg.In this situation, rahul gandhi started the Bharat Jodo yatra again this morning in the Mandya district of Karnataka. His mother and congress Committee-in-charge sonia gandhi were also present at that time.
The shoelace on sonia Gandhi's foot while walking has come off. Observing this, rahul gandhi tied his mother's shoelaces with his own hands. The scene was captured by the people there and shared on social media.

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