The Yuvagalam padayatra of tdp leader lokesh, which began in chittoor and would end in kadapa, is a crucial component of the party's electoral plan. The Non-Reddy group predominates in chittoor and Anantapur, whereas the reddy community predominates in kurnool and Kadapa. rayalaseema is made up of four districts.

Political importance attaches to Lokesh's padayatra stops at kurnool and Kadapa. By presenting the telugu Desam as being hostile to the reddy community during the 2019 elections, the YSRCP was able to gain an advantage. To refute these claims, the tdp used Lokesh's padayatra. lokesh convened a gathering of the "Reddy brothers" during his visit to kurnool, and he did it once again with the reddy community in Kadapa. The conversations with the reddy community have been fascinating because they brought up concerns that other communities have been dealing with for the previous four years.

According to lokesh, the tdp would handle the alleged criminal acts against the reddy community if it wins the election. This gathering subtly informs the populace that the jagan administration has treated the reddy community unfairly as well. After meeting with members of the reddy community in Mantralayam, it appears that lokesh has gained their respect and adoration. They've begun calling him "Lokesh Reddy" to show how much they value his humility and capacity for genuine community engagement. They probably gave him this title or moniker in acknowledgment of his work and for his good relations with the reddy community. During Lokesh's marathon, they controlled him like nothing else.

By raising a sign that stated "Who Killed Babai?" (referring to his father) in Proddatur, lokesh boldly confronted the YSRCP. Even among the tdp cadre, this action was surprising in a bastion of the YSRCP. Unexpectedly, Lokesh's padayatra in kadapa has had better results than in the other three rayalaseema districts. With his participation, lokesh may be able to weaken the YSRCP's sizable support base among reddy community voters as a result of his trips. The outcome of the election will disclose the precise proportion of this prospective shift.

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