Tamil Nadu chief minister M.K.Stalin on wednesday (June 7) inaugurated the program of planting 5 lakh saplings on the occasion of the centenary celebrations of late former chief minister Karunanidhi at the Highway Research Institute premises in Guindy. The event took place at the Highway Research Institute premises in Guindy, Chennai.

In line with Karunanidhi's saying, "If we grow trees, trees will grow us", on the occasion of his centenary, 5 lakh saplings will be planted on all state highways in tamil Nadu, thus achieving the goal of having trees planted on state highways without gaps in the grant request of the Department of Highways and Minor Ports for the year 2023-2024. announced.

Pursuant to that announcement, today (7.6.2023) on the opening day of the centenary of the late former chief minister Karunanidhi, the chief minister of tamil Nadu inaugurated the project of planting 5 lakh saplings in the premises of the Highway Research Institute in Guindy, Chennai.

Today, about 46,410 saplings belonging to the species of Makizham, Vembu, Pulian, Bungan, Nawal, Sarakkathanai etc. will be planted on 340 roads of the highway department all over tamil Nadu and will grow for 24 months. Also, 5 lakh saplings are planned to be planted before monsoon.

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