South Korea has said that President Kim has issued a secret order banning suicide in North Korea.

Regarding this, South Korea's intelligence agency says, "People in north korea are suffering day by day. Suicides in north korea have increased by 40% due to poor economic conditions. In the past year, 35 people have committed suicide in North Korea's Gongjin region alone. Meanwhile, starvation deaths in north korea tripled last year. Because of this, north korea has embarked on anti-suicide measures.

Describing suicide as treason against socialism, Kim has issued a secret order to prevent it. He has also ordered the local governments to take measures to prevent suicide. Earlier, south korea had accused north korea of inhumane execution of children and pregnant women.

North Korea Conundrum: north korea guards all its domestic affairs as a military secret. It is not easy for the countries of the world to know the reality of what is happening there. The media is also controlled by the government. Even when the corona epidemic is sweeping the world, the world does not know the real details about the infection situation there. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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