Narcotics Bureau officials, who are continuing the investigation, have recently issued a notice to  hero Navdeep. It seems that notices have been given under 41A. TS NAB officials have recently detained eight accused in connection with the drug party held on august 31, 2023 in the flats of Fresh Living Apartments in Madapur. Among them are Nigerians as well as many from Tollywood.

But in this case the hero Navadeep was identified by the police as a drug consumer. Officials said that navdeep was included as an accused in the case based on the statement given by Ramchander, who was caught in the raid. Ramchander said during the investigation that he had taken drugs with him. That is why the police added the name of navdeep as A-29. With this, the name of the hero has become a topic of discussion in the tollywood industry. 

However, navdeep has recently applied for anticipatory bail in the court to avoid his arrest. But the court that heard this rejected his petition. With this, navdeep got a shock in the High Court. The court that heard the petition filed by the police, gave notices under 41A and issued orders to investigate Navdeep. In this context, Narcotics Bureau officials have issued a notice to Navdeep. 

Orders were issued to attend the hearing on september 23, 2023. It is learned that the notice has mentioned that he should attend the hearing at the office. Information has been received that an investigation will be conducted on 23rd especially from the point of view of where the drugs were bought and how they came here. Let's see what will be revealed in this investigation.

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