Samantha Ruth Prabhu is getting into the christmas mood with her furry kids, Hash and Saasha, as december approaches. The actress recently shared a tale on instagram showcasing her feline pets. Both of her dogs were climbing on top of her, full of enthusiasm and affection for her, according to the account. samantha is seen sleeping down on a Christmas-themed rug as part of her home decor in the video.
As christmas approaches, the vibrant and fun-filled time of year appears to have caught up with samantha and her animal pups as well. samantha has been the proud dog mommy of both of her animal friends for several years. Hash, her first dog, is a French bulldog who has been with her since he was a puppy and for more than three years.

Hash looks to be the most active and cheerful when he has the opportunity to play with Samantha. Later, the actress adopted Saasha, an American bulldog terrier who seemed to enjoy spending time with both Hash and Samantha. Hash, one of the legendary dogs of indian celebs, has been spotted enjoying and spending time with both samantha and naga chaitanya on distinct occasions throughout the years. Furthermore, if we ever need a daily dose of energy from these puppy mates, we only need to look at Samantha's dozen instagram postings for her pals.

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