Viraj (Nani) is a well-known photographer who lives with his six-year-old daughter mahi (Kiara). mahi, who doesn't know much about her mother, wants her father to tell her about her mother. In an incident, Yashna (Mrunal Thakur) saves mahi and joins Viraj and Mahi. Yadhna begins to fall in love with Viraj after being inspired by his original wife's narrative. The rest of the narrative explains who Mahi's real mother is and why she is separated from Viraj.

'Hi Nanna,' as the trailer suggests, is a clean film. hero Nani has chosen a common theme that matches his characteristics. The filmmaker takes his time establishing the scenario. An intriguing beginning soon devolves into a template love tale, however, the pre-interval and interval incidents add some variety to the plot. In the first half, the adorable little girl Kiara as mahi steals the spotlight. The poetry 'Samayamaa' song and the guitar tune 'Ammadi' are also excellent.

The second half contains more emotions and heartfelt moments. Nani, as usual, delivers a strong performance. Mrunal Thakur is stunning in several sequences and gives excellent performances when called upon. The climax is effective. This film is technically outstanding. Vyra Entertainment's production qualities are extremely high, with every shot bursting with color. The cinematography is truly superb, and the frames by sanu varghese are first-rate. Hesham Abdul Wahab's background score is a key contribution to the picture.

Hi Nanna has a modest supporting cast, however, most of them are undeveloped. priyadarshi plays the hero's companion, appearing for brief moments before departing. Even Jayaram's role feels incomplete, despite having some screen presence and acting at the conclusion. shruti Haasan's brief appearance has little impact, while others, like Viraj Ashwin (the Baby actor), struggle to make their presence felt, owing mostly to the way filmmaker Shouryuv designed their parts.

Overall, "Hi Nanna" has a heartwarming finale thanks to its composition and acting. The previous events, however, may have had a greater influence. Nonetheless, it is worth seeing for people who enjoy slow, dramatic dramas.

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐

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