Hello, Nanna the actress Mrunal Thakur recounted an incident in which she was informed she was not at all seductive by a director she had seen for a meeting. In an interview, the actress said she was perplexed. She disclosed how she had requested him to reciprocate the favor. "Are you talking about the character or myself?" inquired Thakur. The director responded to the same by saying, "But I just don't see you like that."

Mrunal then requested that a look test be conducted. She said the photographer didn't recognize Mrunal as that figure when he first went in. "Later on, he came to me and apologized," Mrunal continued. The actress went on, "My team transforms me, so I have a lot of faith in them." Being impartial is crucial for me as an actor because it will allow the surrounding filmmakers to shape me into their vision.

Actress Mrunal Thakur discussed her perceptions of herself in the film business in the same interview, emphasizing the importance of having an attractive appearance. Even the dead skin on her big toe appeared heated, according to Mrunal. "But I can't keep showing that constantly," she continued. I have to be who I am.
What specifically do people want to see? I sang a song, and others told me to stop; I needed to lose weight. I added, "Listen, I own my thick thighs and I'm so comfortable with them." "If I'm not uncomfortable, what makes you uncomfortable?" Mrunal said, recounting an event in an interview with the india Herald.

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