A new type of fraud has emerged in Thirumala. Some agents are committing scams using the name of ttd chairman yv subbareddy to make Srivastava darshan. As we already know that there are tight regulations due to the covid-19 pandemic situation. Due to which the visits are limits and very much regulated. Some frauds thought of cashing the opportunity. Devotees in bhubaneswar have been deceived into believing that they will be given a darshan on the way to Supatham and given special darshan tokens of Rs 300. Some of the agents sent messages to the devotees saying that they would hand over the letter of recommendation to the ttd chairman. The victims said they were collected Rs 8,000 from them and sent these messages.

When the devotees went to the chairman's office with these messages, they turned out to be fake recommendations. The victims immediately complained to the police. Investigating police arrested two people. It is learned that the deal was worth Rs 16,000 for 11 tickets. ttd officials suggest that devotees should not be deceived by the lies of the agents. police have also arrested several soldiers in the past.

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