The premiere of samantha Ruth Prabhu's upcoming mythological drama Shaakuntalam is quickly approaching. Due to her busy schedule filming her web series Citadel in Mumbai, she recently met with the bollywood media. sam talked openly about her health, the challenging times she had to endure, and how her job had given her the strength to fight. 

She also remembered being given Pushpa's song, "Oo Antava," shortly after declaring her separation from her spouse, naga Chaitanya. During that time in her life, her friends, family, and well-wishers did not want her to perform an item number. After the interview was posted online, the TRP-hungry telugu TV media began making headlines based on Sam's one-line answers without providing any background information. 

As per normal, the media attempted to stir up unwarranted controversies, which led to unjustified animosity and negativity towards samantha on social media. Some even continued to claim that she is fabricating these claims in order to promote Shaakuntalam. If we look at the conversation, it is obvious that samantha didn't mean anything bad when she said whatever. She simply expressed what was on her mind, what she had to go through, and how she had struggled.

She didn't point the finger or even make an effort to win anyone over. samantha has just made it clear that she is innocent of all charges and gave everything she did her all, including her unsuccessful marriage.

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