Everyone is well aware that the international premiere of Om Raut's Adipurush, the most anticipated film of prabhas, is barely 8 days away. There are extremely high expectations for the film, whether they come from prabhas fans, an impartial public, or even business circles. The movie's pre-release event was held in style. Adipurush's crew has done an excellent job promoting the movie. However, it appears that the film's production crew is purposefully avoiding interviews with the media because they are not interested in doing so.

The Adipurush crew prefers not to stir up controversy about their movie, thus they decline any requests for interviews and interactions with the media. Due of the media's constant desire to stir up controversy in relation to major motion pictures. As a result, the Adipurush team won't be making any marketing until the release, which is expected to happen next week. Therefore, while the choice may not seem wise to everyone, it can be claimed that Adipurush chose it strategically to prevent any negative publicity for their film.

Om Raut is in charge of directing Adipurush, a contemporary rendition of the Ramayana that was massively created by Retrophiles' bhushan Kumar, krishan Kumar, Om Raut, prasad Sutar, and Rajesh Nair. In the movie, prabhas plays Lord ram and kriti sanon plays Janaki. deva Dutta Nage portrays Lord Hanuman, while sunny singh plays Lakshman. Raavan will be portrayed by Saif ali Khan, a bollywood actor. The movie Adipurush premieres on june 16, 2023.

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