A group of movie fans has been making fun of samantha since her remarks about singing "Oo Antava" went viral. To be more exact, the actress is being cruelly ridiculed by naga chaitanya supporters for making disparaging remarks about her marriage. Is that true?

Samantha responded that everyone around her had urged her not to do the film because she had recently gone through a divorce when asked about taking up the item number Oo Antava from Pushpa, in which she appeared in a strong and seductive avatar. She says, "They said it's not appropriate for me to take up item number because I just got out of a marriage. Why should I stay at home and wallow in the fact that I gave my marriage my all and it didn't work rather than picking up this song?

Nevertheless, some moviegoers are inquiring about Samantha's actual meaning as they read between the lines. They believe she implied in her remarks that she gave the union her all but Chay didn't. On that point, if we must say, they are seriously trolling her. However, that wouldn't be fair because the actress didn't intend it that way; her comments were misinterpreted by the hero's fans. Even though Chay gave the union her all, we can still claim that it failed.

In that regard, samantha is reportedly single and preoccupied with work while the actor is rumoured to be dating telugu Miss india siren Shobita Dhulipala.


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