Abhiram Daggubati's debut film, "Ahimsa," is being directed by Teja. Everyone was perplexed by Teja's statement at the prerelease event, and it was unclear why he said that the movie did not turn out properly. teja described how he tormented abhiram and everything he forced the young actor do before the shoot in yet another promotional interview. Many people began to question why he must subject abhiram to such suffering!

Teja reveals that he gave abhiram a deadline and told him to ride the bicycle up the hill at the Rama Naidu studios. But after abhiram succeeded, teja said that he changed it from a bicycle to a TVS bike. He further says that abhiram hurt his knees while climbing the hill with the heroine on one shoulder and 20 weapons on the other while covered in mud by Teja. After spending four months in the hospital, abhiram was forced to carry 50 kilogrammes while sending daily video verification of his progress.

whereas stressing that it was Abhiram's sincerity and not anything else—including his familial background—that made a difference there. According to Teja, abhiram and he created Ahimsa for that reason. It is clear that abhiram is a sincere performer who is willing to endure great agony in order to establish himself as a performer. However, the point at hand is why teja felt compelled to offer him that 'Himsa' for Ahimsa when he doesn't actually need such difficult duties, like cycling up the hill in the movie.

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