Young tollywood filmmaker srikanth Odela got married after his first movie, "Dasara," became a huge box office success. Although it is claimed that this marriage was arranged, there is an intriguing story behind it.

It appears that srikanth and his friends had a strong relationship since, when he was an associate director, he frequently requested to have his pay credited to his friends' bank accounts. One day at random, one of Srikanth's pals made the suggestion that he marry shiva, the sister of another friend. srikanth responded by saying that if shiva has no objections, he will most definitely marry his sister.

The surprise in this story is that although srikanth and his friend shiva come from different groups, another friend they have in common by the name of Hari, arranged their marriage by speaking to the parents and elders of both sides. The marriage ceremony was held in the director Srikanth's hometown of Godavarikhani in the presence of close family and friends.

The Natural actress nani congratulated the newlyweds and posted a photo of them. The message "Mana @odela_srikanth pelli chesukunnadu" Send all your good vibes and love," nani tweeted. Many congratulations to srikanth, the director, on his transition into a new stage of life.

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