Senior actor venkatesh recently attended a song launch ceremony for his film "Saindhav" at a private engineering institution in Hyderabad. Based on how he carried himself on stage and made some energizing remarks, it appears that his words have an electrifying influence on the youthful crowd. Let's take a closer look.

First and foremost, one should applaud Venky's humility in his work, which makes sense because he recognizes the audience's age and speaks in their tone and language. "Thank you for watching Seethamma Vaakitlo, Gopala Gopala, Narappa, Drushyam, and all my old films." When the kid stated Rana Naidu, Venky's reactions were amazing, confirming that naga Naidu would return. venky is aware that nearly all of the youngsters there were born after the year 2000, thus he mentioned those specific films.

"I've done this film (Saindhav) to reach out to the new-age audience only," remarked venkatesh, and when the audience became silent following this statement, he queried, "Why are you not making any noise?", eliciting applause and yells from the audience. As the throng yelled, "Coca-Cola Pepsi, venky mama Sexy," he emphasized the word "sexy" and presented a sexual look. As a backbencher, he resonated with many pupils, but he stressed that one must be disciplined in order to build persistent habits that result in improvement.

"Some students are disappointed when they expect too much from their education." But don't worry, the universe will provide you with the appropriate stuff at the right moment," he advised them. His one-liners, such as "If you want to be happy, respect your woman," have been highly received. The crowd erupted when he announced Pawan, Prabhas, Allu (Arjun), and Charan's names.

There is, however, a language for connecting with youths, and venky mama is well-versed in it. Saindhav, his forthcoming film, will be released in theatres on january 13th, 2024.

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