Karan Johar has revealed that kajol accidentally snubbed mani ratnam when he reached out to her for dil Se. The actress will be seen in the upcoming episode of Koffee With karan 8 with rani Mukerji by her side. During the episode, karan is set to revisit some of Kajol’s films. We have now learnt that karan will also be discussing the films she lost out on, one being dil Se. The director will reveal that mani ratnam had reached out to kajol over a phone call and she hung up on him assuming it was a prank.

It is known that mani ratnam had reached out to kajol with the offer of dil Se. But kajol ended up choosing Kuch Kuch Hota Hai over dil Se. The film eventually went to manisha koirala and Preity Zinta. While kajol has not spoken much about the choices, karan has now revealed that kajol received the call when he was discussing the prospects of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai with her. However, she thought someone was pranking her and did not take the call seriously.

“I still remember the day I narrated the film to Shah Rukh Khan and you. We were at Shah Rukh Khan’s old house at Amrit Apartments. We were sitting in his room which is right next to the terrace. You were crying, Shah Rukh Khan was looking at you thinking you lost the plot. I was crying while narrating the film, you were crying while hearing and (SRK) was just thinking that both of us were mad,” karan said.

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