Superstar salman khan has been entertaining his fans for the last 30 years. These days his new film Tiger

3 is performing well at the box office. Today we will tell you about that film of salman khan, which

could not even do business of Rs 1 crore at the box office. After the film flopped, the heroine never got

work in bollywood again. The title of that movie is Marigold.

American director made the movie

American director Willard Carroll made the film Marigold with salman Khan. In this, the heroine’s role

was played by Ellie Larter. She had worked in movies like Resident Evil and Final Destination.

Marigold is a romantic-drama film which was released in the year 2007. It was shown that an American

actress comes on a trip to India, who meets the prince of India, but people did not like this movie at all.

The film could not earn even Rs 1 crore in India

You will be surprised to know that salman Khan's film Marigold received negative reviews from critics.

In terms of earnings, the film was in a very bad condition at the box office. This movie earned only Rs 90

lakh in India. At the same time, the worldwide business of Marigold was only Rs 2.29 crore. This proved

to be salman Khan's most underrated film till date.

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