TV actress Charu Asopa remains in the news about her personal life. Charu is a well-known name in the

TV industry. The actress is very active on social media platforms, recently she shared her struggle and told

how difficult it is for a single mother to get an apartment alone.

Charu Asopa has not got a rented house yet

Now again Charu Asopa revealed how her search to find a good house continues and explained why she is

not able to choose a new house. A few hours ago, Charu Asopa shared a new vlog with her fans on her

YouTube channel. In this vlog, Charu showed how she is stepping out to look at an apartment with her 2-

year-old daughter Ziyana.

Divorced actress struggling with struggle pours out her pain

Charu told her fans that after seeing 3 to 4 apartments, they went back to their house because their

daughter had fallen asleep. Later, while playing with Zianna, Charu told fans how their search for a house

is still on. She tells that she likes some apartments, but the landlord does not like them, so the search is on.

Charu says, Finding a good house in mumbai is a very difficult task. The actress further says that there

are some flats which are completely empty and there are no shelves even in the kitchen. Talking about her

struggle, Charu says that she should at least have a kitchen cabinet so that she does not have to do

household work. Charu told how she does not have time as she is shooting every day.

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