The telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) has made the decision to give passengers visiting far-off regions a snack box in addition to the bus ticket. Fresh snack boxes will be provided by the same company that now provides water bottles in its air-conditioned bus services.
The snack box system will be implemented as a pilot project on saturday in nine electric "e-Garuda" buses that travel the Hyderabad-Vijayawada route. This will eventually be expanded to other services, depending on how customers react.

This snack package includes mouth freshener, tissue paper, and both hot and cold treats. The TSRTC has included a minimal fee of Rs. 30 for the snack box in the ticket fare. "TSRTC is advancing with creative programs to connect with the public. Travelers would receive food boxes as part of it, according to TSRTC Chairman Bajireddy Govardhan.

Travelers are encouraged to scan the QR code on each snack box with their smartphones to provide recommendations and assistance. According to TSRTC Managing director VC Sajjanar, "Changes and additions will be made in the snack and extended to the rest of the services" in response to passenger comments and verdict and suggestions.

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