A third Vande Bharat express train between secunderabad and nagpur is anticipated to arrive in the city soon. 130 kmph is believed to be the Vande Bharat Express' top speed. Currently, there are two Vande Bharat Express trains running between secunderabad and tirupati and Visakhapatnam and Secunderabad. These two trains are now very well-liked by city rail passengers, operating with a weekday occupancy rate of at least 100%.

According to South Central Railway (SCR) sources, demand has caused bookings for these trains to fill up as well. Due to the popularity of these two services, it has been learned that the indian Railway would soon begin operating the Vande Bharat train between secunderabad and Nagpur. According to information obtained, the indian Railway and the SCR authorities are developing these services together.

As both hyderabad and nagpur are major commercial and business centers, there are currently roughly 25 trains traveling between the two cities. All are express trains, not superfast trains, though. There is a tonne of trade between the two cities, and on any given day, there is a tonne of traffic. The Vande Bharat train is anticipated to reduce the typical travel time of passenger trains from roughly 10 hours to about 6.30 hours.

Approximately 581 km separate secunderabad from nagpur, and the trip normally takes 10 hours. The new Vande Bharat train is being introduced by the indian Railway in an effort to cut the travel duration from 10 hours to 6.30 hours. It is known that the route of this Vande Bharat train has also been decided by railway officials. It is anticipated to depart from secunderabad and travel through Balarsha, Ramagundam, Sirpur Khagaz Nagar, and Kazipet. The Vande Bharat express is anticipated to leave nagpur at 6 am and arrive in secunderabad at 12.30 pm on the same day. It will then depart secunderabad at 1.30 pm and return to nagpur at 8 pm. There will probably be an official announcement about this.

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