Just on wednesday i.e. 20th September, while speaking on the Women’s Reservation Bill, rahul Gandhi

talked about caste census. Before that, congress General Secretary KC Venugopal had also given a statement

regarding this. It is worth noting that trinamool congress Supreme mamata banerjee is not in favor of

making caste census an issue, yet congress is moving ahead on it. If we look at the elections of five states,

there is confusion in them also. In Madhya Pradesh, both Samajwadi party and aam aadmi party are making

their mark. The state units of congress in punjab and delhi are continuously asking to keep distance from


When kejriwal holds rallies in chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, there are as many attacks on bjp as on

Congress. One can only wonder where the alliance is headed in this. In the press conference of the

Coordination Committee in Mumbai, Congress's imposing attitude towards adani continued. Mamata

Banerjee was completely against this issue, and some other parties also did not want it, but congress raised

the issue of adani in the press conference itself. DMK leader Udhayanidhi's statement regarding Sanatan

Dharma is also a trap for india alliance. The picture in congress itself is not clear regarding that. That is

why, when kamal nath told the journalists about the cancellation of the rally, Surjewala was saying that talks

are going on between the parties and anything about the rally will be known with time. When there is so much

doubt between Congress's probable chief minister candidate kamal nath and state in-charge Surjewala, then

what will be the condition of the opposition alliance?

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