Prime minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the indian Institute of Information technology quota (Triple IT

quota) on the birth anniversary of mahatma Gandhi. He inaugurated Triple IT on virtual mode during a program

at Mandfia Savliyaji in Chittorgarh district. Coordinator of Triple IT Quota Prof. AK Vyas said that a function

was also organized in Triple IT Kota Campus, in which the inauguration by PM Modi was shown to the

students and faculty staff by installing a big LED screen.

Triple IT has been operating in MNIT campus in jaipur for 10 years.

Pro. According to Vyas, the building constructed here was completed in the beginning of this year. Along with

this, the hostels built here were also ready in July. The work of staff quarters is going on in the final stage and

that too will be completed soon. It should be noted that Triple IT was operating in MNIT campus in jaipur for

the last 10 years, the quota for which was shifted in August. From there the faculty staff and students came here.

Classes for second and third year students had started from august 11, while the new batch of first year students

had come on august 20, whose classes had also started in the month of august itself.

The entire building of Triple IT built on green building concept

The Triple IT Kota management was making full use of this campus for the education of students before time,

but it was not inaugurated. That's why this program was organized. The entire building of Triple IT has been

constructed on the green building concept.

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