It is the responsibility of all of us to protect the lakes and graveyards in the taluk. However, T.P.EOS anand called that even water is precious and should be taken care of so that it is not wasted. On the occasion of gandhi Jayanti, T.P. Speaking at the felicitation program held in the office hall for the employees of Gram panchayat, the duty of water workers is very important and water is essential for every living being. In this matter, he instructed the watermen to leave aside politics and fulfill the responsibility of providing water equally to all. He said that everyone's cooperation is essential to realize the dream of minister Dr MC Sudhakar, who has vowed to make the city and taluk a plastic-free, clean Chintamani, a green Chintamani.

In the context of rural development and rural cleanliness, the role of gram panchayat officer and staff is important, in order to create awareness about their responsibility and to commemorate the service of those who are serving regularly, cleaners, watermen, bill collectors and gram panchayats. Staff members were felicitated and honored. Mohan, who won a gold medal in athletics held in Malaysia, and Sahanar, who won a gold medal in post-graduate MSc degree, were felicitated. Assistant director Kavitha, Akshardasoha director Suresh and other staff members were present on this occasion.

 Judiciary does not have accurate data on the crisis formula related to Cauvery river water sharing. Former chief minister Basavaraja Bommai said that the state government should discuss this with legal experts and prepare a difficult formula and move forward. Speaking in support of the sit-in satyagraha being held by the district Farmers' Welfare Committee in front of the statue of Sir M. Visveswaraiah in the city, he said that justice can be obtained in the Cauvery issue only by preparing a difficult formula and waging a legal battle. Advising the Cauvery Water Control Committee, the Cauvery Water Management Authority and the supreme court by putting forward this formula. If the supreme court gives direction to the central government in this matter, we are all ready to put pressure on the Centre. In the past, the prime minister had all kinds of powers in the matter of Cauvery river water. However, after the formation of the Authority, the power of the prime minister has been curtailed. He said that the materiality of the water storage can be convinced in the authority and the supreme Court. The state government has completely failed: the acreage information and water quantity required for the Kuruvai crop in tamil Nadu and the Monsoon crop in karnataka has been fixed in the tribunal order. Nowhere is it said to drain water based on the level of water in the reservoirs. He complained that the state government has completely failed to put forward many such points. bjp was in power in 2012 when drought situation was faced. At that time, the supreme court had ordered to release 12 tmc of water to tamil Nadu in four weeks.

He recalled that after we made an appeal without releasing water and convinced him of the actual situation, he reduced the amount of water and gave him two months' time. Had the current congress government taken the decision we took then, such a situation would not have been created. However, the congress government took a hasty decision and diverted water to tamil Nadu. The Irrigation Advisory Committee meeting was held in august instead of June-July, leading to accumulation of water in the reservoirs. If water had been drained and used in the lakes, dams and canals earlier, water would have remained in our land. He said that the negligence shown by the government at every stage made the farmers suffer. No water has been released from the KRS reservoir. The water resources minister is lying that the leakage water is flowing. The gates were replaced and repaired to prevent water leakage for the next fifty years. He advised me to find a solution instead of saying something for no reason. Former minister R.Ashok, mla Ravisubrahmanya, bjp State General Secretary Ashwathanarayan, bjp district President C.P.Umesh, ashok Jayaram, HR.Arvind, Keshav, K.Borayya, Sunanda Jayaram, Induvalu Chandrasekhar, Ambujamma, C.T. Manjunath and others.

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