The winter session of Uttar Pradesh assembly is going to start from today i.e. 28th November. After 65 years,

the assembly session will be operated with new rules under the yogi government. Actually, changes were

allowed in the last session of the assembly itself, after which now these new changes are being implemented.

Under this, there will be a ban on leaders carrying mobile phones in the House.

Members will be allowed to enter the house without mobile. Besides, carrying flags and banners in the House

will also not be allowed. During this session, women will be given special preference because the Yogi

Adityanath government of UP has also resolved for women empowerment. It is being told that women members

will get special preference to speak during the session.

This work will be done in the winter session

Condolences will be expressed on the demise of current and former members of the house on the first day of the

winter session of the Assembly. The proceedings of the house will start smoothly from 29th november i.e.

tomorrow. On this day, during the first half, ordinances, notifications, rules etc. will be laid on the table of the

House. Apart from this, re-introduction of bills will be done.

Opposition may surround on this issue

According to the information, the demands for supplementary grants for the financial year 2023-24 will be

presented after 12:30 noon. At the same time, other legislative work will be completed. At the same time, the

opposition can corner the government on issues like caste census. Samajwadi party leaders are continuously

adopting an aggressive attitude towards the government on the issue of caste census.

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