Our priority is to win all 28 seats. We are a small party in the state. If we win 28 seats we get one vote. The people of the country have appealed to us to allow our alliance: Former cm HD Kumaraswamy. It does not matter which part of our party is dominant in the lok sabha election whether there will be an alliance for the mysore Kodagu lok sabha constituency and whether the JDS will get a ticket in it. But former cm HD Kumaraswamy said that we will take a decision with the aim of winning 28 seats out of 28.

Speaking at a press conference in the city today (Tuesday), HD Kumaraswamy said that winning all 28 seats is our priority. We are a small party in the state. If we win 28 seats we get one vote. For that, the people of the country have requested to allow our alliance. He spoke to the media after the JDS meeting held in connection with the lok sabha elections at Hakattur in Kodagu. State cm Siddaramaiah repeatedly says that there are many problems that the Center is not giving proper grants to the state. They say that 4 lakh crores of revenue goes to the center from the state, but only 56 thousand crores are given to us. HD said against all previous governments that this is not the problem of today, it has been going on like this since independence. Kumaraswamy has hit back at cm Siddaramaiah.

More funding is going to poorer states. This is something that they also know, but they don't talk about it in front of the media. Go and speak in niti aayog meeting. Or go and talk to the head of the center. HDK expresses displeasure that you should pay attention to that. Former cm HD Kumaraswamy, who has commented on the issue of female feticide in a homeless shelter in mysore district, said that it was a very shocking and inhumane incident. I condemn this case. Who's role in this case should be properly investigated and traced. Which officers are inaction, they know and do not pay attention to it. He demanded strict action against such people.

They should not be allowed to be arrested and released on bail for any reason. Let it be decided to impose stricter sections against such persons. This is just a sample, health department officials may not know about it. Let the government scrutinize everything from that. Who brings the report and who is inactive in this. Who is responsible for all this? HDK demanded very strict action against them.

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