Union minister of State and Apna Dal (S) leader anupriya patel has once again supported the caste census. In an

exclusive conversation with ABP News, he said that the central government has neither refused to conduct the

caste census nor has given the date. bjp has not refused the caste census. We have to wait and see what the central

government does. He said that we support the caste census and have expressed our views before BJP. Caste census

will not divide the country. Caste census figures should be available. The Apna Dal leader further said that the

public is deciding what is Revadi and what is not.

What did anupriya patel say?

The Union minister of State said that when we launched the poor welfare scheme, the country’s economy did not

suffer a setback. We are the fifth largest economy and are going to become the third largest. Our priority is poor

welfare. Public trust and confidence is the most important factor in democracy. If there is no difference between

your words and actions, then trust comes from there.

PM Modi has courage and confidence

Praising PM Modi, anupriya patel said that PM Modi has courage and confidence, he fulfills the guarantee by

saying PM. We have lifted 13.5 crore people out of poverty. The public expressed confidence in PM Modi twice.

Modi government guaranteed health education and food. On seat sharing with bjp in the lok sabha elections, he

said that we have two MPs. There has been no discussion regarding seats yet.

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