Seeman said that the Dravidian model government, which failed to protect chennai city from the rains and floods by establishing basic structures, has completely failed in providing relief to the affected people. Naam Tamilar party Coordinator Seeman has requested people to help in recovery as chennai has been affected by Cyclone Mikjam. In a statement issued by him in this regard, as a witness of the Dravidian parties ruling the tamil land for 56 consecutive years, chennai city is reeling due to heavy rains this year as well.

It has been 36 hours since the rain stopped and many areas are still submerged in waist-deep water. It is heartbreaking to see people trapped in life-threatening situations where electricity and telecommunications are completely cut off and they cannot even call for help. Thousands of people who are stuck on floors unable to leave their homes have not been rescued yet. Children are suffering without access to milk, people without access to food and drinking water, patients and elderly are suffering without access to medicines. From essential items to high-priced electrical appliances, due to rainwater entering the house, it causes huge economic loss.

Unable to go to work, loss of income and loss of livelihood, it is very heartbreaking to see people living around the city of Chennai. The Dravidian model government, which failed to protect the city of chennai from the rains and floods by creating basic infrastructure, has also completely failed to provide relief to the affected people. Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department's announcement that there is a chance of rain in chennai again has caused great fear and panic among the people. In such a tragic environment, just as people from every part of tamil Nadu rushed to save the capital chennai from the severe flood disaster in 2015, it is an urgent and necessary need to help protect ourselves. Therefore, Seeman has said that my dear tamil relatives all over tamil Nadu should immediately do their best to help the people who are suffering in chennai and help them recover from the flood disaster.

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