Jama Masjid located in the capital delhi is one of the largest and historical mosques of the country. Syed Shaban Bukhari will be crowned as the royal Imam of this mosque today. He is the son of Syed ahmed Bukhari, the recent Imam of Jama Masjid. Syed Shaban Bukhari will replace his father as the new Imam, before which he was the Naib Imam. Dastarbandi of Shaban Bukhari will be organized on the auspicious occasion of Shab-e-Baraat.

Shaban Bukhari's full name is Syed Usama Shaban Bukhari. He will be the 14th Imam of the historic and holy Jama Masjid. The program of stopping Shahi Imam's Dastar will continue till 11 pm on sunday (February 25) after Isha prayers (9 am). Famous personalities from india and abroad have been invited to this program. In the invitation card sent for the coronation, the recent Shahi Imam Syed ahmed Bukhari wrote that this has been the tradition of Jama Masjid. Where the latest Imam appoints his successor during his lifetime.

Dastarbandi by wearing the turban of Imamat

In the invitation letter, Syed Aham Bukhari, while mentioning Dastarbandi, said that according to this tradition, in the Dastarbandi ceremony of the new Imam, the responsibility of the new Imam is formally given by tying the turban of Imamat on his head. The new Syed Shaban Bukhari grew up in delhi and is the heir to the legacy of the Bukhari family. Shaban, who holds a master's degree in social work from Amity University, was made Naib Imam in 2014.

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