The biggest hoops are on that tdp lady MP..!?

* tdp leaders who won huge victories in the 2024 elections.

* Interested in how ap politics will change.

* More focus on Nandyal mp Shabari.

In the ap assembly elections, the tdp alliance won 164 seats and achieved a great victory. This time people who are very old have won as MLAs. Being a part of Akhanda's success, it has become an interesting topic how they will influence the politics of AP. How they make their voices heard in parliament and assembly has also become an interesting topic. This time there are also newcomers among those who won as MPs. For example Byreddy Shabari. This tdp politician won as mp from nandyala against pocha brahmananda reddy with a majority of 1,11,975 votes. It seems that in these five years, she is likely to be very influential in ap politics. Political observers say that she will have a lot of influence in parliament as well as in the constituency in nandyala district. Byreddy Shabari is the daughter of rayalaseema movement leader Byreddy Rajasekhar Reddy. She is a radiologist by profession. The Byreddy family has a lot of political clout. Shabari was first in the bjp party and later joined the tdp fold.Shabari Niti is said to be the name given to honesty. She said that she would stay in the bjp as long as she lived, but when the bjp met with tdp, she came towards TDP. She felt that she could achieve what she wanted by joining the party, which is more popular than the bjp in the state.  She is a very dynamic leader. Even though they are not in power, telugu has shown the courage to publicly expose the anarchies of YCP, but now that they have come to power, they say that their main goal is development.

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