Rashmika Mandanna, who is flying at jet speed in terms of movies, is also facing some difficulties.  Meanwhile, the deep fake video with Rashmika's face morphing has created a sensation. Due to that video, the central government also moved against deep fake videos. A journalist asked rashmika mandanna about the deep fake video during the promotion of the movie Animal. 

When asked about the support you received at that time, tell about your feelings at that time, she gave an answer saying that it is not correct to talk about that during the promotion of the film. She menioned that these days fake videos have become very common. I think we should ignore fake videos just like we ignore rumours. But amitabh ji supported me for that fake video. After that I got support from many people in the industry. 

 Normally, if those videos were taken, there would not have been so much support. That's why girls should respond to every injustice done to them. The matter should be brought out in such a way that the people know it. Definitely get support from outsiders as well as own people. If we remain silent, if we suffer within ourselves, support will not come. So rashmika mandanna advised the girls that if the matter is brought out, some, if not all, will definitely stand in support. 

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