Actor-turned-producer bandla ganesh also entered telangana politics. He is well-known for his humorous remarks, and his viral comments on trivikram are no exception. tollywood is aware that trivikram and bandla ganesh are having a problem. An audio clip of bandla ganesh insulting trivikram was released prior to the publication of bheemla nayak, and it quickly became popular on social media. Ganesh did, however, apologize to trivikram for his harsh comments.

Once more, he called trivikram Guruji in an attempt to make fun of him. When a fan specifically questioned bandla ganesh on how to become a producer. "Meet Guruji and give expensive gifts to become a producer," bandla ganesh said. We are aware of Guruji in Tollywood. The tweet from Bandla has gone viral, and internet users are busy speculating about the pricey gifts.

Bandla Ganesh is unique due of his oddly adversarial interactions with filmmakers like trivikram and Harish Shankar. A recorded audio call of Bandla cursing trivikram and complaining that the latter wouldn't let him attend the pre-release function for bheemla nayak went popular on social media. Later, Bandla expressed regret for the same. Stay tuned for more updates.

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