Passengers have demanded that the district administration should hold tripartite talks in this regard and come forward to fix the fares as there has been an allegation of charging high fares in autos in Erode.

Famous for its turmeric and textile trade, Erode is visited by many people from different parts of the state and from other states like kerala and Karnataka. Many people from the suburbs of Erode district come to the city for medical, educational and business needs. With the expansion of the Erode Municipal Corporation, autos are the main requirement for travel.

As fares are not fixed for the operation of autos in Erode, passengers suffer greatly. people have complained that auto drivers are charging exorbitant fees.

In this regard, Satish from Periyar said: Thousands of passengers come to Erode railway station every day. auto drivers charge double the fare to go from the railway station to major areas. In particular, if a driver quotes a fare, other auto drivers also quote the same fare leaving the passengers in the lurch.

Daily commuters continue to argue at the railway station auto stand in the morning hours. Therefore, at the Erode railway station, the facility of traveling by auto should be made by paying the fare in advance (pre-paid system), he said.

At the same time, passengers reported that Erode bus station auto stand was being charged somewhat correct fares. It has been alleged that autos are being charged extra in major areas including Erode government Hospital and Panneerselvam Park.

Welcome to Call Taxis: In response to the high fares charged on autos, there has been an increase in the popularity of 'call taxis' in Erode. Passengers have the impression that 'foot taxi' is better for traveling to a specific place without bargaining. For workers who depend on the auto industry, this change risks being detrimental.

Erode district CITU district President S. Subramanian said: 3,200 rental autos are registered and operating in Erode district. Autos are the most popular form of public transport.

Last 10 years ago, in a case related to meter fee collection in autos, the high court had ordered that 'respective district collectors, trade unions and consumer organizations should meet and fix the fee at the district level'.

Therefore, a similar meeting should be held in Erode under the leadership of the district Collector to fix the fares for autos. Apart from the common allegation that autos are overcharged, auto drivers are ready to follow suit if the district administration fixes the fares in line with the rise in petrol prices. This is what he said.

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