In Takkar, a poor yet ambitious man aspires to become wealthy. The story of the film follows how his passion ultimately gets him into trouble with the mafia while also making him fall in love with a spoiled brat girl who is extremely wealthy.

Siddharth appears with his typical slender figure, a beard, and a somewhat altered hairdo. He doesn't seem to fit the appearance too well. However, a more pressing problem is a clear lack of screen presence and jadedness. Instead of actively participating in the making of the movie, it appears that he is only going through the motions. There are a few dramatic moments and some action sequences, but neither of these advances Siddharth's interests. He does nothing outstanding as a performer or even as a star in Takkar, which is forgettable stuff for him as an actor.

Divyansha is portrayed as a stunning siren. There is a lot of exposure, and she does all the tasks on screen with ease and a strong presence. There isn't much excellent acting material aside from the flesh show, though. Several faces are seen throughout the movie, but excluding the principal actors, very few of them stand out. Initially, there is yogi Babu. The comedian's performance is embarrassing to see on film and gives nothing new. The second hour doesn't work, but the first half is still a fair variation. The antagonist is played by gabbar singh actor abhimanyu Singh. His part begins intriguingly but ultimately proves to be unfinished like many others. Despite the initial increase in interest caused by the characterizations, Munishkanth is squandered, while others scarcely have any influence.

The music of Nivas K prasanna is lost in translation. Due to their banality and placement, none of the songs have any impact when they are on screen. The unimpressive background score is no different. Technically, siddharth films are sleek, but that isn't the case here. Visually, there is an air of antiquity. The camera is operated by v Murugesan. The editing by GA Gowtham doesn't help matters either. The writing is only acceptable, with most of the lines being mundane and predictable.

Overall, We Wish this movie NEVER GOT RELEASED

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