The grand pre-release event of "Hi Nanna," featuring natural star nani and Mrinal Thakur, unfolded smoothly in Vizag, yet an unexpected incident stirred disappointment among the fans of rowdy hero Vijay Devarakonda. During an interview segment where anchor suma questioned Mrinal Thakur about the movie, an image of Vijay devarakonda and rashmika in the maldives suddenly appeared on the screen. 

The pictures, depicting Vijay lounging in a swimming pool while rashmika seemed to be in a similar setting, had previously sparked a sensation on social media. Despite attempts by the hero's team to attribute the photos to paid promotion, social media erupted with discussions around the images. Vijay and rashmika had visited the maldives together, sharing separate pictures on social media, leading to speculation about their relationship. 

Despite numerous rumours, both actors remained tight-lipped. The unexpected appearance of Vijay and Rashmika's photo during the "Hi Nanna" event upset fans of both stars. The incident was later attributed to an operator's mistake, although anchor suma attempted to address it with quick thinking, the audience noticed. Although the inclusion of the photo was evidently unintentional, Vijay's fans expressed concern over such errors during significant events. Vijay's fans are disheartened by the mishap at the "Hi Nanna" event, it remains to be seen whether the rowdy hero will respond to the incident.

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