According to AFP, giant lettering in favour of Moscow's armed forces fighting in ukraine have been placed in front of the US embassy in Moscow. A massive Latin letter 'Z' and 'V' – emblems employed by the Russian military and adopted by high-profile supporters of Russia's assault – were placed outside the embassy's entrance on one of Moscow's key ring roads.

Russia has cut connections with the West in the midst of its 21-month-long military war in Ukraine. The messages are the most recent pro-Kremlin emblems to appear on the US embassy's doorstep, where nationalist groups have planted artwork supporting Moscow's anti-Western foreign policy for years.

In recent years, some Western nations have renamed streets near the local Russian embassy in support of ukraine or Kremlin critics.

The street where the Russian embassy is located in Washington has been renamed in commemoration of killed Russian politician Boris Nemtsov.

Ties between moscow and Washington have deteriorated to their lowest point since the Cold war, with the US and its allies imposing unprecedented penalties on moscow since the campaign began.

The US is also equipping ukraine to assist it in combating Russia's advance. Stay tuned with us.

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