Chris Cuomo, a former CNN anchor, made an unexpected revelation on Wednesday, stating he could vote for donald trump instead of Joe Biden in the next presidential election. Cuomo, who now works for NewsNation, was a guest on Patrick Bet-David's PBD Podcast. He stated that he was "always open" to supporting trump over Biden.

"If it's Biden-Trump, look, for me—once again, we survived a trump administration," he remarked. Would we make it through another one? Yes, yes, yes. I don't believe there is a larger risk to America with him than there is with Biden. And for those who will now attack me and ask, "What are you talking about?" trump is, like, this insane dude,' but, as Patrick points out, the data is the data. Nobody was attempting to murder us while trump was president in the same manner that they are today."

"There is much more hatred. I'm just stating that I'm not scared of a trump administration. Existentially, I'm not terrified of another Biden presidency because, unlike many Americans, I believe the country is far more powerful than any particular leader," he said.

The 53-year-old television personality also said that the country "survived" a number of scandals and crises under the trump and Biden administrations, including Jan. 6, "the russia thing," and "having Biden as a gaffe machine."

"We survived these things," he remarked. Are we better off as a result? No. Should we do something different? Yes. I believe it occurs. I'm not sure when; I'm not even sure why. But, you know, in terms of who I'm going to vote for, I'd have to wait and see where we are at the time."

Cuomo's comments contrast dramatically with his past criticism of trump while at the White House, which he made on CNN. In december 2020, he declared trump "the worst president we have ever seen, period," after he "vetoed pay for the military, stalled relief for millions of you, and issued the most toxic tally of pardons we have ever seen."

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