Following the congress party's victory in the 2023 telangana elections, there is a buzz of enthusiasm as people look forward to visiting pragathi Bhavan, the Chief Minister's official house. In an unusual move, congress leader revanth reddy revealed plans to rename it Dr. B R Ambedkar Praja Bhavan. Many people from throughout telangana have already started arriving to see pragathi Bhavan up close, but they have been halted for the time being since the police have barred entrance for security concerns.

This limitation has piqued people's interest, especially because just a few individuals have had the opportunity to peek inside the house during the last decade. revanth reddy, the telangana Congress's president, celebrated the party's win while also committing to constructive changes in the state.

The decision to open pragathi Bhavan to the general public is consistent with the congress party's objective for an equitable and inclusive Telangana. revanth reddy told the public that the mansion would be open to the public, emphasizing openness and equality. The public's willingness to watch the evolving changes at pragathi Bhavan reflects the optimism and emphasis placed on Telangana's political development. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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