The Cyberabad Cyber Crime police arrested 23-year-old Maram ashok Reddy for suspected matrimonial fraud and extortion using social media impersonation. Operating under the moniker 'Praneetha_redd' on Snapchat, the fraudster duped victims into believing they were communicating with a woman, eventually extorting Rs 14 lakhs under false pretences.

The accused's strategy included building virtual romantic connections with males, inventing urgent requirements, and abusing victims' confidence via deceit, utilising the cash for online gaming. The accused used many gambling and betting programmes. Honey trap situations are common not just in Hyderabad, but also in other areas. 

Simply apprehending one offender is insufficient to remedy the problem. A broad-based crackdown is required to induce fear and terror among scammers and deter honey traps. Only by deliberate and comprehensive efforts can the problem be properly addressed, and future victims protected from falling prey to such scams.

To avoid such scenarios, people should exercise caution when engaging in internet marital partnerships. Check the legitimacy of profiles and report any suspicious activity to the police. watch for indicators such as sudden confessions of love, reluctance to meet in person or over video chat, and frequent demands for money. Staying aware about typical scams and requesting help if you are a victim are critical steps in preventing marital fraud.

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