Situation change in a year..!? Rajini's revenge on Roja..!?

Ministers of the then andhra pradesh government, who criticized actor Rajinikanth, today welcomed the new government led by chandrababu naidu with a red carpet. Scenes have changed in a year... Superstar Rajinikanth, who spoke in praise of chandrababu naidu, was severely criticized by actress Roja, but now Rajinikanth has entered the field in the same state of Andhra Pradesh. The centenary inauguration ceremony of the late legendary actor and founder of telugu desam party NT Ramara was held last year. Actor Rajinikanth was the special guest at the function held in Vijayawada. At this event, Rajinikanth spoke expressing the many years of friendship and love between him and NTR.
It was his friend Mohanbabu who introduced him to Chandrababu. From that day whenever he went to hyderabad he would meet and talk to Chandrababu Naidu. Knowledge will automatically increase while talking to him. To that extent, many things are included in his speech. Chandrababu was a prophet in politics. chandrababu naidu, who understood about the information technology sector in India, had made necessary arrangements during his regime to turn hyderabad into a hi-tech city and start IT companies.Rajinikanth said chandrababu naidu is still working in politics with Vision 2047, a visionary plan of what andhra pradesh should be in 2047. Roja, the then minister and actress, had severely criticized the Andhra state which could not enjoy this speech. He said, "Rajinikanth sir has decided that he doesn't want politics... When he has left because he doesn't want it, he shouldn't talk about politics. Everyone in telangana celebrates Rajinikanth as a superstar and a good actor. But what he said has angered everyone including telugu people and ntr fans. And she has respect for Rajinikanth as an actor, but at the same time what she said what he said about Chandrababu was laughable.
In this situation, in the next one year, everything turned upside down. chandrababu naidu forms the government with a huge victory in Andhra Pradesh. chandrababu naidu has emerged as a kingmaker not only in Andhra state but also in the election of the prime minister of India. Meanwhile, chandrababu naidu, who will take over as Chief minister, has extended a special invitation to actor Rajinikanth to attend the swearing-in ceremony today. Actor Rajinikanth, who was criticized by the jagan government that day, has been given a red carpet welcome by the chandrababu naidu government.

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